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23 December 2008 @ 05:52 am
I promised myself I wouldn't rant, but this has to be vented...
It's 5 am right now, and I think part of my electricity just died...

Fortunately, my computer is fine. Although how that works, I can't even begin to imagine.
I have no light/heat/electricity for 70% of the apartment, but my computer still works? Not that I'm complaining about that, it's the only good thing so far. IF it weren't for the fact that i'm off to Japan in *counts on fingers* six hours, this would be the winter/christmas from hell.

Let's recap: it all started last Monday when the building water boiler went down. Then it just got worse. I've had little or no heat since then, and on Saturday night a pipe burst in my bedroom wall. On Friday I also managed to lose my keys in the snow.
Speaking of, SNOW ? in Vancouver??? What the hell?
Anyway, so after the pipe blew, I drove through a foot of still falling snow to stay at my aunt's place, and spend the night on the most uncomfortable bed money can buy.
The thing was rock hard! My only thought was if you wanted to sleep on something that hard, wouldn't it be cheaper to sleep on the ground??? What`s worse is she HAD NO INTERNET.

I spend the following day trapped in seasonal hell, aka the MALL, because i kept having to wait for my mom to be free (she works there...the horror) , only to come home to three holes in my bedroom wall and 1 in the floor.
...And the water's still gushing....why the hell did they even cut the holes if it didn't do anything????
I promptly head back out to the xmas party I'm supposed to be at, which was and still is the highlight of that day.
At the restaurant, I found out that one of their pipes burst too....which means we had to use the washroom in the hotel, short trek thought the cold away.

After spending that first uncomfortable night at my aunt's place, I was determined to stay at home. So I dragged my mattess and everything out to the living room to spend a chilly night out there. Better that than the holes and still constant gushing.

The following morning, the day before I leave, I still have to work, and I find out that my car is well and truely stuck in the snow drift formerly known as the front entrance of my apartment. I decided to brave the public transit system.
An hour and a half later, I finally get there.
It's a 15 min drive...

Work was hectic, but not in a bad way. I was so excited about leaving that I didn't even MIND when my supervisor gave me some last minute work at 4:55.
Afterwards, I headed home with the kindness of my coworker, who was not only nice enought o give me a ride, but also have her husband help me unstick my car grom the snow. I got home only to find that the holes in the wall have merged into one BIG hole and a a new one had appeared on the other side. AND I STILL HAD NO HEAT!

A night of frantic packing, electric heater blasting, and following my manager`s advice about keeping the oven open for heat later, we finally get to this point. The heater caused a fuse to blow, but only so that it affects SOME of the electricity, thank god.
Which is why I`m typing this in the dark, since the only lights that work are in the hallway.

I can only hope my flight isn`t delayed, knock on wood.